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I'm Jack Wilson, a pupil from London. My friend Val is a uneversity student now. He is older than me with my problems and teaches me to do a lot of things.
Val has got a lot of hobbies. He lokes collecting different things. When he was at school, he collected stamps, coing and badges. He kept them in big alboms and was very proud of them. Onse he brought them to school and we could see them all. His collections became famous in our school.
But Val stopped collecting stamps and badges ast year. He took up photography. He says pictures are easy to take and it's fun to take them. Some of his photos are very good, some are unsuccessful. Val is learning and I know soon he'll be one of the best photographers in his uneversity.

What is Jack Wilson
Where does he live
Who is his friend
What does Val do
What does he teach Jack
How many
hobbies has Val got
Where is from jack wilsonwho is now Valwho is older,Jack or Valwhat hobies has Val.when did Val stop collecting stampsare some photos goodнадеюсь помог
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