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Перепишите предложения во множественном числе.
1. This phenomenon is worth studying.
2. This is a rare sea species.
3. Put this datum in that column.
4. There was a strawberry in the photo.
5. The woman was sorting the mail.
6. This small blue flower is called a forget-me not.
7. A child’s foot is small.
8. A passer-by is walking hastily down the street.
9. Oil price has dropped dramatically.
10. This person doesn’t know the truth.

1. These phenomena are worth studying.
2. These are rare sea species.
3. Put these data in those columns.
4. There were strawberries in the photos.
5. The women were sorting the mail.
6. These small blue flowers are called  forget-me nots. 
7. Children’s feet are small.
8. Passers-by are walking hastily down the streets.
9. Oil prices have dropped dramatically.
10. These people don’t know the truth.
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